When You Don't Know Where to Begin



6 Key Steps for Conscious Co-Parenting

Committing to a conscious divorce means protecting your children from end-of-marriage related trauma. When the marriage ends in a cooperative manner, divorce can be transformed from a contentious event into one that can inspire healthy growth.

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Cost of Having No Estate Plan

If this article exposes any potential gaps or weak spots in your plan, meet with a Personal Family Lawyer to learn how to properly address them.

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Protecting Your Child with A Special Needs Trust

When you have a family member with special needs, it is important to understand that your estate planning strategy is unique and requires the assistance of an attorney experienced in creating Special Needs Trusts.

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Understanding Your Life Insurance Settlement Options

Following the death of the policy holder, the way in which proceeds from a life insurance policy are paid to the beneficiary (or beneficiaries) is known as the settlement option. And you might be surprised to learn that there are a variety of settlement options available besides the most common method—a lump-sum payout

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Use Estate Planning to Ensure Your Legacy Doesn’t Get Erased

When you think about those loved ones who’ve passed away, you probably don’t think very much—or even at all—about the “things” they’ve left you. And when they do leave something behind, what you likely cherish most about the object are the memories and feelings it evokes, not the thing itself.

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New Bill Stands to Dramatically Alter Worker Classification in California—and Potentially the Entire Nation

State legislators in California recently passed a controversial new bill that requires many companies like Uber and Lyft, which rely primarily on independent contractors, to reclassify their contractors as employees.

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